Safe Efficient Affordable Retrofits We know that many homeowners could save a lot of money by retrofitting their homes. But if you’re going to do it right, in a way that protects your health and the durability of your home, the upfront cost can be significant. For example, not everyone can afford the amount of foam required to do a safe REMOTE retrofit to a 2x6 framed house. CCHRC is researching ways to expand the number of affordable retrofit options, while balancing efficiency and indoor air quality. This means experimenting with many of the building techniques we already use, as well as new designs and insulation types.   Nonprofit Retrofit Pilot Several community organizations in Fairbanks are moving ahead with energy efficiency upgrades, as part of a pilot program to help nonprofits and tribes reduce energy costs. The pilot program explores financing opportunities for nonprofits and provides technical assistance to develop energy efficiency projects. This year, state lawmakers are looking at a bill to provide energy efficiency financing to nonprofits and tribes, providing an avenue for communities to become more energy efficient.